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Carpet Cleaning is one of the most important cleanings, it is recommended that commercial need to do a carpet clean twice a year, and residential need to do a carpet clean at least once a year. 

Western Australia is a dry and sandy place, carpet tends to attract dust and sand every day, even if you don’t see it, which get build up over time and make carpet worn old very quick, this is why all our commercial and residential clients get a free carpet clean once every year when they do their regular clean with us to maintain their carpet. We also do upholstery clean.

You want to impress your guests, then you need to give the best welcoming place to them, let us do the cleaning and you can focus on other important things for your event.

We can also clean during your event, our staff is well prepared, presented, and professional to look after your place during your event.

Post-event mess??? Let us bring your place back to its state, you can relax after your event, from your kitchen, bathroom, toilet and yard we will look after all. Extra bins and portable toilets/showers can be arranged for your event as well.

From one story up to three stories, from one glass panel to multiple panels we have you covered. 

Enjoy the best view of your commercial or residence property through a sparkling glass.

Builders you have done a fantastic job, now let us showcase your work, we will do the finish to make your client feel welcome and move in hassle-free.

We can make your dull and old vinyl or tile floor look fresh and shiny again. 

Protect your investment and promote your business on a shiny floor when your client walks into your business. We can tailor-make a maintenance plan as well. 

We can handle all your pressure washing needs, from your driveway to any floor or wall you need to pressure wash.

“The objective of CLEANING is not just to CLEAN, but to feel happiness living within that ENVIRONMENT.”


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